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MS-EDS is specialized in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of Smart Driving System for E-bikes, providing customized solutions for the complete set of E-driving systems. We are committed to providing customers with stable, reliable and intelligent industry-leading products for E-driving systems for bicycles, including: motors, intelligent controllers, torque sensors, smart HMI, batteries and other categories.

As R&D centers based in Ningbo and Shenzhen, MS-EDS are bringing together experts and senior technical teams from industries such as motors, electronics, bicycles, automobiles, machinery. etc. With years of innovation and breakthroughs over bottleneck technology, new applications have been introduced to the R&D and manufacturing of the E-driving system, which cover the fields of electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric motorcycles. Over the last year, more than 30 pieces of patents have been granted for the latest technology and new application. 

MS-EDS has always implemented the manufacturing standards and management concepts of advanced global industry, and strictly implements international general standards and European standards in all aspects of product development, manufacturing and quality control, committed to provide stable, reliable, intelligent and environmentally-friendly products and services, and meanwhile, the customizable solutions of the complete set of E-driving systems to customers across the world.

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